Harriet Rosebud Mini Hats Figurine

These miniature hats figurines (not wearable hats) are recreated from the original designs of hat maker Harriet Rosebud. They are made of original materials such as felt, satin, straw, or sinamay with adornment in feathers, silk, satin, and beading. Each hat comes in a hat box with a mannequin head for displaying. The arrangement is about 6" tall and each hat includes a storyline hangtag.



Our Tradition:
The Wearing of Our Hats, Our Crowns

As I look through every moment of our history, we as Black women have worn hats. We have marched in them, we "sat-in" them and we worship in them. I remember my aunt wearing a baby pink pillbox with tiny silk flowers all over the hat, just to go to the market. I remember the First Lady of our church in a different hat every Sunday. I remember the first white hat my mother ever bought at the hat shop on Central Avenue. These are my remembrances. That which inspires me. And although hats change in shape and size over the years, one thing remains the same: Our love for them. They are our hats to hold on to ...  Harriet Rosebud

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